Task Till Dawn

Task Till DawnTask Till Dawn is a free task scheduler which can execute your repetitive tasks (i.e. open files or applications) at specified times or intervals. For example, use Task Till Dawn to automatically let iTunes download the newest Podcasts at a specified time. Or let it backup your important files every day. Needless to say, tasks can also be executed manually

The application is written in Java and therefore basically platform independent. Currently, versions for Windows and Mac OS X (Intel) are available. A Linux version will probably also be available in the future.

The project is provided under the GPL, pre-compiled versions are available in the downloads section. The application is multilingual (English, German, Spanish and French).

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Lock-UnMaticSometimes, files on the Mac cannot be deleted, moved or renamed. This can be caused by insufficient access rights, or because some processes are still using these files.

Unfortunately, the Mac OS X Finder doesn't tell the user which processes exactly are causing the lock. Also, these processes are often running hidden in the background - so they can't even be quit using the Dock.

Here, Lock-UnMatic comes into play. Simply drag and drop the affected files onto the application-icon (or into the application-window), and Lock-UnMatic shows you a nice overview of all blocking processes. It's also possible to kill these processes from within the application.

Lock-UnMatic is freeware and provided under the LGPL. The latest binary version can be downloaded in the downloads-section. The application is multilingual (English and German).

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PADEditPADEdit is an application which lets you view and modify PAD-files (PrivatAbrechnung Digital) used for the voucherless data carrier exchange between medical scientists and the PVS (Privatärztliche VerrechnungsStellen). Exchange-files exported by other applications do sometimes not correspond to the format specifications by the PVS, making manual postprocessing necessary. With PADEdit this is no big deal.

PADEdit is freeware and provided under the LGPL. The latest binary versions for Mac and Windows can be downloaded in the downloads-section. The application is only available in german language.

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CoConnect CoConnect is an application which can send requests to devices of type Cobas Integra 400, 700 and 800. An unlimited amount of requests can be queued and then be sequentially processed. The responses of the devices can be viewed in a response-log. Additionally, there is a rudimentary import functionality for MegaLab data.

The application is currently still in development.

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