Task Till Dawn 2.01

Task Till Dawn 2.01 is a pure bugfix release which eliminates various minor bugs and flaws. It is now possible to edit already defined paths in the action "Specify files and folders". Starting applications and scripts with parameters using the "Open applications, files and folders" action now works better. The speed of searching for files has been increased as well as filtering file lists. There is also an improvement in the representation of the user interface under Windows in connection with HiDPI displays.

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Task Till Dawn 2.0

I'm very excited to announce that Task Till Dawn 2.0 is finally here! It took me almost two years of development, but I think it was worth the work. I refactored a lot of the already existing functionality to make it more stable and easily extensible in the future. I also added many of the features users demanded in the past. And the best of all (at least I think it is): it now features a visual workflow editor!

With the workflow editor it is no longer necessary to create shell and command line scripts or Automator applications to do certain things (of course, you can still use these if you want). A lot of actions are now built right into Task Till Dawn so you can use them in your Tasks. Of course the list of available actions will be extended in the future, but I think the initial list already contains most of the basic stuff needed.

Task Till Dawn
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CoConnect 1.0

CoConnect is an application which makes it possible to send requests to Cobas Integra 400, 700 and 800 devices. The responses of the devices will be logged and can be exported as textfiles. These textfiles can also be used to import requests and / or responses again into the application. Additionaly, there exists a rudimentary import functionality for Megalab hardcopies.

The connection to the device is handled using serial communication (RS232) using COM-ports. There exists a free tool named hub4com which allows the usage of COM-ports over a network, which might be handy if you want to connect to a device on a remote computer.

CoConnect is freeware and provided under the GPL. The latest binary version for Windows can be downloaded in the downloads-section. The application is multilingual (English and German).


Task Till Dawn 1.91

This small bugfix release fixes an issue on OS X where the filechooser did not allow the selection of bundles (applications, for example). On Windows I added an option which makes it possible to run tasks in the background (minimized). This is not supported by all applications, but you can just give it a try to see if it works.

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Task Till Dawn 1.9

Task Till Dawn 1.9 brings full retina support to the Mac. I replaced all icons with high-resolution images and removed MacWidgets and QuAqua. Unfortunately this also means that dialogs within the application are no longer displayed as sheets. But I think this is no major loss. HiDPI display modes on Windows are now also supported, with better readable texts and icons with higher resolution.

Additionally there are a lot of small improvements to the user interface, which simplify the task administration. Tasks can be duplicated and enabled or disabled using the contextual menu.

It is also possible to pause the task manager, in case the execution of tasks should be suspended for a certain time.

Task Till Dawn 1.9
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PADEdit 1.61 with Linux support

Another update to PADEdit! This time with no new functionality but some slight improvements and some bug fixes. The option to search case insensitive now also applies when replacing text. Additionally, if a cell contains multiple matches for a search-and-replace operation, all matches will be replaced. If a search term cannot be found anywhere, an information message will be shown.


PADEdit 1.6

The most recent version of PADEdit makes it possible to search and replace text within datasets. Also – when opening, saving or exporting data – the file encoding which should be used can now be specified.

Search and replace
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Task Till Dawn 1.83

Task Till Dawn 1.83 supports the upcoming OS X 10.10 Yosemite, and also now includes the Oracle Java Runtime 1.8. So an additional installation is no longer required.

For Windows there will be no version 1.83 because this release mainly contains stuff regarding OS X.

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