Lock-UnMatic 1.1

Version 1.1 of Lock-UnMatic brings a lot of small changes and enhancements compared to the first release. Especially the handling of files with special characters in their filenames has been improved. 

Here are the release-notes:

New features
It is now possible to unlock locked files.
This is just for your convenience as this can also be done using the Finder. 

Width of columns in filelist is now remembered.

List of files can now be sorted.

Progress of filescan (percentage) is now displayed when a lot of files are being scanned.

Full filepath can now be displayed in the list of files.

Adding a lot of files at once to the list is now much faster.

Improved performance when working with network (or other possibly slow) volumes.

Bugs fixed
Lock-UnMatic can now handle files with special characters in the filename.

Sometimes, a process was displayed more than once inside a row in the list of files.

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