Lock-UnMatic 1.2

Lock-UnMatic 1.2 brings a lot of enhancements and bugfixed. Amongst other things is the admin-mode, which allows to see and quit processes by other users.
Here a listing of all changes:

New features
Added "Show" menu which provides fast access to the list of files in the trash or on the desktop.
Added admin-mode which makes it possible to see and terminate processes by other users.

Scanning of files is now much faster.
Main window is now shown when application is brought to front (can be disabled in preferences).

Bugs fixed
Row-height was not correctly reset after killing multiple processes.
First column does now correctly keep its fixed width.
When a file is in use by processes of different users, all usernames are now displayed in the list.
Can now handle multiple files dropped onto the application itself (for example in the Finder or Dock).
Removing files from the list is now lots faster.

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