PADEdit 1.4

This update brings multi-document editing, CSV export, bugfixes and a lot of other small changes and enhancements.

New features
Edit multiple PAd files at once.
Create new PAD files from scratch or extend existing ones.
Add or delete data rows.
Specify the line ending when saving files.
CSV export functionality (RFC 4180)
Added an option to change the behaviour when storing files.

Fullscreen support on OS X.
Enhanced memory manangement.
Display of line numbers in the editor.
Better visibility of the currently selected row.
Enhanced window menu on OS X.
Select the previous or next dataset by keyboard shortcuts.
The currently selected dataset is now displayed in the editor window.
The order of the datasets is now corrected when the file is being saved.
Signed the application for Gatekeeper support on OS X.

Bug fixes
Edited text was sometimes not taken over.

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