Stuttgart, 24 hours

Since shortly, a great time-lapse-video starring Stuttgart can be seen on In almost nine minutes, 20 locations in Stuttgart - which were filmed over 24 hours - are shown. Actually this is not a new idea, but I haven't seen any other movies like this with the capital city of Baden-Württemberg in it yet.

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Lock-UnMatic 1.1

Version 1.1 of Lock-UnMatic brings a lot of small changes and enhancements compared to the first release. Especially the handling of files with special characters in their filenames has been improved.

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Lock-UnMatic 1.0 is done ...

... and with it comes the possibility to conveniently determine what processes are locking your files on the Mac. The utility uses the terminal-commands lsof (list of open files) as well as kill (to quit the processes).

What startet out as a little utility - which should have been not much of work - now turned into one week of work which used up all my spare time. I just hope this tool will make somebody's live easier. And that Apple will one day incorporate an equal functionality into the Finder.

I won't do a version of Lock-UnMatic for Windows, as there are already enough other tools for this type of problem - like WhoLockMe, for example.

If any questions arise - or if you find any faults - don't hesitate to contact me via email or using the built-in feedback-form!

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Happy New Year

I wish you all a happy New Year 2010! Admittedly with some delay, but I had to recover from the new years party and the related stresses and strains.

This year, we (my girlfriend and me) went to Berlin - to visit a good friend who lives there. And who provided us with a place to stay at.

The journey to Berlin by car on the 30th was relatively nasty because it was raining all along and we had poor visibility. About 80 km outside of Berlin it began to snow …

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Big Ben tweets

Web 2.0 does not even spare the Big Ben …
 Big Ben on Twitter

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GotoFile for Eclipse

Everyone who works a lot with Eclipse should have a look at Max Muermanns great plugin GotoFile. This nifty tool helps to find files quickly inside any project in the workspace. By pressing a keyboard-shortcut, GotoFile brings up a dialog with a live-search. It displays all matching filenames while you type in a search string. It not only finds files with exact matching names, but also uses a fuzzy-logic to find filenames which only partly match the search string.

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Website now multilingual

Today I updated this page so that it now supports multiple languages. It's now possible to switch between German and English as display-language. Admittedly, most contents have not been translated yet - but I am working on it! I won't be able to always translate all blog articles in the future. But I will translate all of what might be important.