Task Till Dawn 2.11

This time another bugfix release which is especially important for macOS users. In some cases, Task Till Dawn has been switched to App Nap mode by the system. This could cause tasks to be delayed or not executed at all.

An error in the task scheduler could also cause some tasks to be started several times within one second.

All other bug fixes and minor improvements can be found in the version history included with the application.

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Task Till Dawn 2.1

With this version, some cool new features come into play. Task Till Dawn can now be started in portable mode. Which means that all settings, tasks and logs are then stored in the same directory like the application itself. This makes it possible to start Task Till Dawn from USB sticks or other portable storage media.

Furthermore, notifications can now be deactivated per task. The tray menu on Windows and the menu item on the Mac can now be configured so that the tasks are displayed directly again without corresponding groups in the menu.

Of course, there are also some new actions, including the certainly very useful action for renaming files and folders.

All changes and bug fixes in detail can be found in the version history that accompanies the application.

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Mounting a network share on macOS

Unfortunately, macOS still doesn't offer an option to automatically mount network drives, for example after restarting the system or when the Mac awakes from sleep. Of course there are some workarounds, like adding the mounted network drives to the startup items or running some shell scripts. But if you already happen to have Task Till Dawn installed on your system, you can just leverage this simple task. In addition, it's even possible to check whether the drive has already been mounted before so that mounting the drive again can be skipped.

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Opening applications, files or folders

This small tutorial shows how to open other applications, files or folders with Task Till Dawn. This is an often needed and powerful task. For example, use it to open some applications required for work once the computer has started. Or run shell scripts, open folders with documents and so on.

To quickly create such a task, you can simply drop files or folders onto the task list. Task Till Dawn will then create a new task and automatically set up the required actions for you.

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Useful tasks

I often receive requests on how certain things can be achieved with Task Till Dawn, for example how to automatically start programs. Unfortunately it is not always obvious which actions one needs in order to get things done.

So today I've added a new category "Useful tasks" here on the blog. There I will introduce various useful tasks in the future which you can create with Task Till Dawn.


Task Till Dawn 2.01

Task Till Dawn 2.01 is a pure bugfix release which eliminates various minor bugs and flaws. It is now possible to edit already defined paths in the action "Specify files and folders". Starting applications and scripts with parameters using the "Open applications, files and folders" action now works better. The speed of searching for files has been increased as well as filtering file lists. There is also an improvement in the representation of the user interface under Windows in connection with HiDPI displays.

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Task Till Dawn 2.0

I'm very excited to announce that Task Till Dawn 2.0 is finally here! It took me almost two years of development, but I think it was worth the work. I refactored a lot of the already existing functionality to make it more stable and easily extensible in the future. I also added many of the features users demanded in the past. And the best of all (at least I think it is): it now features a visual workflow editor!

With the workflow editor it is no longer necessary to create shell and command line scripts or Automator applications to do certain things (of course, you can still use these if you want). A lot of actions are now built right into Task Till Dawn so you can use them in your Tasks. Of course the list of available actions will be extended in the future, but I think the initial list already contains most of the basic stuff needed.

Task Till Dawn
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