Task Till Dawn 1.5

Task Till Dawn 1.5 is more or less just a bugfix release. Especially the serious bug, which caused the tasklist to be lost sometimes on Windows, should be fixed now.
Further changes are:

New features
Spanish translations added (thanks to Claudia Boehm)

The filechooser now opens centered on the screen (Windows).
Revamped toolbar on Windows.
Task Till Dawn now remembers whether the tasklist was maximized or not (Windows).

New application icon and toolbar icons.

Bugs fixed
"Last successful execution"-date was sometimes set, even when the task execution failed for some reason.
Fixed a nasty crash which occured sometimes when the help-menu was accessed on the Mac.
Fixed a bug which caused the menubar to flicker sometimes on the Mac.
In some cases Task Till Dawn could lose all entries of the task list.
Fixed a bug where some files with special characters could not be opened on Windows.

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