Task Till Dawn 1.6

It took a long time, but now here it is: version 1.6 of Task Till Dawn!

As always, here is what has changed:

New features
Task Till Dawn is now GPL!
French translations added (thanks to Michel Tribet).
Growl notification support for Windows added.
Maximum task execution count can now be set.
It is now possible to disable a task instead of deleting it after maximum execution count has been reached.
Tasks can now be executed on application startup.
Extended network settings with proxy support.

Delayed tasks are now canceled when application shuts down.
Improved task configuration dialog user interface.

Bugs fixed
Fixed a bug causing tasks to be executed multiple times when restarting Task Till Dawn.
Fixed some problems with the user interface not being refreshed correctly.
The filechooser now stays in front of the task-configuration dialog.
Removed tooltip of the menu-item on Mac OS X.
Fixed a bug in the preferences window which sometimes caused settings to be reverted.


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