Task Till Dawn 1.9

Task Till Dawn 1.9 brings full retina support to the Mac. I replaced all icons with high-resolution images and removed MacWidgets and QuAqua. Unfortunately this also means that dialogs within the application are no longer displayed as sheets. But I think this is no major loss. HiDPI display modes on Windows are now also supported, with better readable texts and icons with higher resolution.

Additionally there are a lot of small improvements to the user interface, which simplify the task administration. Tasks can be duplicated and enabled or disabled using the contextual menu.

It is also possible to pause the task manager, in case the execution of tasks should be suspended for a certain time.

Task Till Dawn 1.9

New functionality
Added an option to let a task depend on another task.
Tasks can now be duplicated.
Enable or disable tasks directly using the menu.
Drag one or more files onto the tasklist to quickly create new tasks.
It's now possible to pause the task scheduler.
Support for HiDPI displays.

Improved retina display support.
Improved Dock menu which now also lists all tasks.
It's now possible to move multiple tasks at once.
Improved execution of batch files.

Bug fixes
The stop button did not work in some cases.
Minor bugfixes regarding the network settings.
Fixed menu entry flickering.
Fixed some user interface issues regarding very long task names.

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