Task Till Dawn 2.0

I'm very excited to announce that Task Till Dawn 2.0 is finally here! It took me almost two years of development, but I think it was worth the work. I refactored a lot of the already existing functionality to make it more stable and easily extensible in the future. I also added many of the features users demanded in the past. And the best of all (at least I think it is): it now features a visual workflow editor!

With the workflow editor it is no longer necessary to create shell and command line scripts or Automator applications to do certain things (of course, you can still use these if you want). A lot of actions are now built right into Task Till Dawn so you can use them in your Tasks. Of course the list of available actions will be extended in the future, but I think the initial list already contains most of the basic stuff needed.

Task Till Dawn

So what else has changed? Here is the complete list:
New and changed functionality
Task Till Dawn now requires Java 8!
Tasks can now perform multiple actions.
New visual workflow editor.
Tasks can now be imported and exported.
New view options for the task list added.
It's now possible to define multiple triggers for task execution.
Added validity period to schedules.
Tasks can now be sorted into groups.
Added logging of task executions.
The execution counter of tasks can now be reset.
Removed Growl support on macOS.
Provide parameters to opened applications.
Application language can be changed in the preferences.

More robust and exact task scheduling.
The specified time for a task can now also contain seconds.
Improved recalculation of missed tasks.
Overall UI improvements.
Improved rendering on HiDPI screens (Windows and macOS).
Revamped setup assistant.
Text to speech notifications are now also available on Windows (7 and upwards).
Improved handling of run, stop and delete buttons in the task list window.
It is now possible to hide disabled tasks in the tray menu and menu item.
Improved automatic recognition of proxy servers.

Bug fixes
Fixed an issue with entries being disabled in the edit menu.
Fullscreen windows are now correctly restored.
Successful and total execution count were sometimes not correctly incremented.
Fixed an issue where the "zoom" window option got enabled for unresizable windows.
Fixed an issue regarding the option to restrict task execution to the last day of a month.
Fixed a menu updating issue which occured when pausing the task scheduler.

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