Task Till Dawn

Task Till Dawn Task Till Dawn is a free task scheduler for Windows and macOS. Automate your recurring and tedious tasks so that you can concentrate on your actual work. With the built-in graphical editor, you can create your workflows from a variety of ready-made actions. You can then have these executed on a schedule or triggered by certain events. Most actions are available across platforms, so you can use your workflows on both Mac and Windows with little or no adjustments.

For example, have an automated weekly backup of your important documents created. Automatically connect required network drives when you turn on your computer. Create a task to print files as soon as they are placed in a specific folder. Automate the copying of image files as soon as you connect a USB stick with photos. The possibilities are endless, also because Task Till Dawn has been continuously developed for years.

To keep the overview you can sort tasks into groups. A built-in import and export functionality allows for easy exchange of tasks between multiple workstations. Thanks to the optional portable mode you can also start Task Till Dawn directly from a USB stick. An icon in the task bar under Windows or in the menu bar on the Mac allows convenient quick access to frequently used tasks.

The current versions of Task Till Dawn for Windows and macOS can be downloaded under "Downloads". The following languages are supported: English, German, French and Spanish.

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PADEditPADEdit is an application which lets you view and modify PAD-files (PrivatAbrechnung Digital) used for the voucherless data carrier exchange between medical scientists and the PVS (Privatärztliche VerrechnungsStellen).

Multiple files with different encodings can be edited simultaneously. Using the built-in search function, faulty data can be quickly found and replaced. All data of an invoice number can be displayed in an overview.

Data can be easily transferred to other programs via the CSV export functionality. In addition to all standard data sets, PADEdit also supports the special data set 700.

PADEdit is free to use. The latest versions for Windows, macOS and Linux can be downloaded in the downloads-section. The application is only available in german language.

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CoConnect CoConnect is an application which makes it possible to send requests to Cobas Integra 400, 700 and 800 devices. The responses of the devices will be logged and can be exported as textfiles. These textfiles can also be used to import requests and / or responses again into the application. Additionaly, there exists a rudimentary import functionality for Megalab hardcopies.

The connection to the device is handled using serial communication (RS232) using COM-ports. There exists a free tool named hub4com which allows the usage of COM-ports over a network, which might be handy if you want to connect to a device on a remote computer.

CoConnect is freeware and provided under the GPL. The latest binary version for Windows can be downloaded in the downloads-section. The application is multilingual (English and German).

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Lock-UnMaticSometimes, files on the Mac cannot be deleted, moved or renamed. This can be caused by insufficient access rights, or because some processes are still using these files.

Unfortunately, the Mac OS X Finder doesn't tell the user which processes exactly are causing the lock. Also, these processes are often running hidden in the background - so they can't even be quit using the Dock.

Here, Lock-UnMatic comes into play. Simply drag and drop the affected files onto the application-icon (or into the application-window), and Lock-UnMatic shows you a nice overview of all blocking processes. It's also possible to kill these processes from within the application.

Lock-UnMatic is freeware and provided under the LGPL. The latest binary version can be downloaded in the downloads-section. The application is multilingual (English and German).

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