Sunday, 13.05.2018 - Time to go home

We slept relatively poorly and the weather today is also not good. But it basically doesn't matter, because today we're going back home. Not a good day for me anyway. Claudi, on the other hand, is happy that it is finally over.

But first we have to tidy up the motorhome. It has to be returned in a clean condition and quite some dirt has accumulated during the journey. Especially in the shower cabin, because one always have to stand there with the shoes when using the toilet. At the supply and disposal station there is an automatic toilet cassette cleaning machine. That sounds cool! Just insert the full cassette, press a button and the thing comes out freshly rinsed and smelling like spring. But of course, the machine is defective. So we have to do it all in the conventional way. We also already pack our suitcase so that we can move out as quickly as possible when we arrive in Stuttgart.

The return trip is long and we are stuck in traffic all the time, feeling like we are not progressing at all. But the clock says something else, after only three and a half hours of driving we are already there. After we have unloaded Claudi stays right at home, while I bring the vehicle back to the rental.

The conclusion

Claudi said it wasn't as bad as she feared. This is certainly a good start 😀

I, on the other hand, really enjoyed the holiday. We had no problems with the pitches, drove around relatively spontaneously and freely and saw places that we would not have visited on a previously booked trip. The motorhome went through everything without any complaints and had - despite the fact that it was completely new - apart from the opening drawer no other defects that we would have noticed. With the 140l fresh water tank, the two 11kg gas bottles, the cassette toilet and the battery, you actually get along autonomously better than I would have thought. We didn't try the shower on board this time, but otherwise we used only the available resources in the vehicle. I also got used to driving with the unfamiliar dimensions quite quickly. Unfortunately, a motorhome tip is just quite expensive, both when renting but even more so when you buy such a thing. You can't save anything, for the money you can also make nice individual hotel holidays. But it is definitely an experience and if possible I will repeat it soon.

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