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Hi, I'm Oli. Born 1980 and raised in Stuttgart in the Schwabenländle. Shortly after learning to walk and talk, my father's Atari ST infected me with the computer virus. In the early 90s I took some first steps again, this time with ZX81 basic. Later came the switch to Omikron Basic on the ST, followed by PSION OPL, PHP and then finally Java. Developing took more and more time, and after I screw up the Gymnasium the next logical step was to start the training to become an IT specialist for software development (FIAE). Now I'm a software engineer and have been working for diconium digital solutions since 2010.

In my spare time I also often sit in front of the screen and take the development of my projects, mainly Task Till Dawn and PADEdit, forward. I also got mentally stuck somewhere in my childhood and started collecting various toy robots some years ago. The collection ranges from rarities such as the Tomy Omnibot 2000 over WowWee's Robosapien to current ones such as the Anki Cozmo. This tick also has useful aspects like the dust-sucking VR200.

What else am I doing in my free time? I always enjoy a round of tabletop soccer, go-kart, laser tag or good food and drinks with friends. I also like Hip Hop music and I also go dancing at least once a week.


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