Task Till Dawn

Task Till DawnTask Till Dawn is a free task scheduler which can execute your repetitive tasks (i.e. open files or applications) at specified times or intervals. For example, use Task Till Dawn to automatically let iTunes download the newest Podcasts at a specified time. Or let it backup your important files every day. Needless to say, tasks can also be executed manually

The application is written in Java and therefore basically platform independent. Currently, versions for Windows and Mac OS X (Intel) are available. A Linux version will probably also be available in the future.

The project is provided under the GPL, pre-compiled versions are available in the downloads section. The application is multilingual (English, German, Spanish and French). 

Tasks can be executed with a delay. This might come in handy if a to be executed application has to access the Internet connection, which often is not available directly after a computer wakes up from sleep or powers up. Additionally, it is possible to cancel a tasks upcoming execution during this delay. In case of an error, Task Till Dawn displays a message in the tasklist. Tasks can also be disabled to temporarily avoid execution.

Different notification services can be used to notify the user whenever a task will be executed shortly. It is possible to use Growl notifications, text to speech and others as well.

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