Feature overview

This is an overview of all features of Task Till Dawn.


With optional schedules you can specify when a task should be executed automatically.

  • Any intervals (seconds, minutes, hours, if desired with restriction to a certain time period per day).
  • At a fixed time
  • Schedules can have an optional validity period (from date/time to date/time).
  • Missed tasks can be skipped or be executed immediately at the next possible time.
  • Limitations to certain weekdays are possible.
  • Limitations to certain days of the month are possible.


Tasks can be executed when certain events occur. Not all of them are available on all systems.

System-related events

  • When Task Till Dawn starts.
  • When the system awakes from sleep mode.

Screen-related events

  • When a screen wakes up.
  • When a screen goes to sleep.
  • When a screen is connected.
  • When the screen resolution changes.
  • When a screen is disconnected.

Events regarding volumes and drives

  • When volumes are inserted or drives are connected
  • When volumes are ejected or drives are disconnected.

Events triggered by other tasks

  • When another task triggers a task.
  • When another task is executed.
  • When the execution of another task is canceled.
  • When the execution of another task stops.

Session-related events

  • When switching to a different user session.
  • When switching from a different user session.
  • When the system is locked.
  • When the system is unlocked.

Built-in actions

With the actions you create a workflow that is executed when a task starts.

  • Activate stand by
  • Check internet connection
  • Check if tasks are running
  • Check if time machine is backing up data
  • Compare text strings
  • Compress files and folders
  • Continue at variable jump label
  • Continue at jump label
  • Convert line endings
  • Copy files and folders
  • Count list elements
  • Create files
  • Create folders
  • Decompress files and folders
  • Delete files and folders
  • Delete tasks
  • Disable tasks
  • Display dialog box
  • Display elements
  • Display file selection dialog
  • Display text input dialog
  • Duplicate files and folders
  • Empty trash
  • Enable tasks
  • Execute tasks
  • Filter files and folders
  • Finish execution
  • Lock files and folders
  • Merge lists of files and folders
  • Move files and folders
  • Open URL
  • Open applications, files and folders
  • Pause execution
  • Pause task scheduler
  • Play alert sound
  • Play an audio file
  • Print files
  • Quit an application
  • Rename files and folders
  • Replace text in files
  • Restart the computer
  • Resume task scheduler
  • Retrieve cause for task cancellation
  • Retrieve current date and time
  • Retrieve current task
  • Retrieve environment variable
  • Retrieve folder contents
  • Retrieve loginname
  • Retrieve newly added volumes and drives
  • Retrieve operating system name
  • Retrieve operating system version
  • Retrieve removed volumes and drives
  • Retrieve triggering task
  • Retrieve user home directory
  • Retrieve volumes and drives
  • Search files and folders
  • Set desktop background image
  • Shut down the computer
  • Speak text
  • Specify a task
  • Specify a text string
  • Specify files and folders
  • Start time machine backup
  • Stop time machine backup
  • Stop execution
  • Stop tasks
  • Take file or folder from list
  • Take screenshot
  • Unlock files and folders
  • Write text to file
  • Write text to files


Task Till Dawn supports several notifications. These are used for internal events such as the start of a task to notify the user.

  • Notification center (macOS)
  • Windows Infocenter (Windows)
  • Speaking notifications
  • Tooltip in the menu bar or at the tray icon
  • Text output to the system console
  • Warning sound when an error occurs

More features

  • Task Till Dawn can be started automatically when the operating system starts.
  • Tasks can be grouped.
  • The menu bar icon on the Mac or the tray icon on Windows gives you quick access to all tasks.
  • The Task Scheduler can be stopped to temporarily prevent the automatic execution of all tasks.
  • The languages English, German, French and Spanish are supported.
  • The tolerance from which a schedule is counted as missed can be set.
  • The automatic update check informs when a new version of Task Till Dawn is available.