Stuttgart after the apocalypse

What kind of crazy times we are currently experiencing can be realized by walking through the streets of the city and in the otherwise popular places (at least at night or during bad weather).

I find it quite interesting to get some new impressions of the city in this way. Even if Stuttgart is not the center of the world, I have never seen it so empty before.

We can only hope that many of the small bars and shops will still be there after the crisis...

Yawning emptiness in downtown
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Windows Defender

Windows Defender complaining about that there is no malicious software on my PC...

Windows Defender

Oracle installation hiccups

A few weeks ago I had to install an Oracle 11gR2 database on my local development machine. Unfortunately, the installer always crashed before starting the installation, causing an EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION in the 64-Bit Server VM (1.5.0_17-b04 mixed mode) on Windows 7.

After a few hours of digging around it turned out that I had to remove my "Downloads.lnk"-link from the Windows desktop to get the installer to work. This is just crazy!

I included the stacktrace in the full article, just in case this might be useful for somebody.

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OS X Chess

With OS X 10.7 "Lion" the chess game now seems to be an integral part of the system. The screenshot says: The object "Chess" cannot be modified or deleted because it is required by Mac OS X.

The object "Chess" cannot be modified or deleted because it is required by Mac OS X.

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Big Ben tweets

Web 2.0 does not even spare the Big Ben …
 Big Ben on Twitter

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