Dynamic wallpaper

On mobile devices they could be used for a long time already: dynamic wallpapers. While iOS only features colorful moving bubbles on the screen, Apple has now introduced a dynamic background image of the Mojave desert with macOS Mojave. This will show the desert depending on the local time - either by day or by night. In addition there is a - in my eyes rather ugly - day and night picture of a course of the sun.

Using Task Till Dawn and the workflow described here, you can easily create dynamic background images yourself and use them not only under macOS, but also with Windows!

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Automatically copy camera photos from storage devices

This task automatically copies camera photos from any storage device - for example a USB stick, a CD, a memory card or even a network drive - as soon as it is inserted or connected. All JPG files in a DCIM-folder in the main directory of the device are copied to a directory named after the current date and time. If no DCIM-folder exists the task will not perform any action.

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Hourly time announcement

This task makes your computer speak the time to you hourly during working hours. Never miss the end of the working day again and delight your colleagues with this tonal accompaniment of everyday life!

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Mounting a network share on macOS

Unfortunately, macOS still doesn't offer an option to automatically mount network drives, for example after restarting the system or when the Mac awakes from sleep. Of course there are some workarounds, like adding the mounted network drives to the startup items or running some shell scripts. But if you already happen to have Task Till Dawn installed on your system, you can just leverage this simple task. In addition, it's even possible to check whether the drive has already been mounted before so that mounting the drive again can be skipped.

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Opening applications, files or folders

This small tutorial shows how to open other applications, files or folders with Task Till Dawn. This is an often needed and powerful task. For example, use it to open some applications required for work once the computer has started. Or run shell scripts, open folders with documents and so on.

To quickly create such a task, you can simply drop files or folders onto the task list. Task Till Dawn will then create a new task and automatically set up the required actions for you.

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