Task Till Dawn 2.21

This version of Task Till Dawn contains a bugfix for the preferences on Windows. The options for the tray icon menu were not displayed and sometimes also not saved correctly.

The behavior of the Finder was changed by Apple with macOS 10.14.2 so that it now always asks for the password of the user, even if it is already stored in the keychain. Task Till Dawn tries to bypass this new behavior in the action "Open URL" and mount the drive directly as before.

New and great: Task Till Dawn now supports plugins.

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PADEdit 1.9

PADEdit 1.9 can now open files with incorrect line ends. In addition, the lines of each data set are sorted according to the PAD specification when they are opened. As a little surprise this version also contains bugfixes!


Task Till Dawn 2.2

Even though only the version number behind the dot has changed, this update is huge! In addition to new actions for checking the Internet connection, writing files, creating folders, comparing texts and much more, there are also a whole series of new events available. For example, tasks can now be started when volumes are inserted or drives are connected. It also introduces some new conversion options for variables.

In addition, the user interface has been improved in some places. The program settings now allow to specify what should happen when a task is double-clicked.

Of course the new version also contains several bug fixes. All changes can be found as usual in the version history in the program archive.

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Task Till Dawn 2.12

A few adjustments were necessary to make Task Till Dawn fit for the GDPR. There were also a few minor bugs that were fixed in this release.

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PADEdit 1.8

With PADEdit 1.8 it is now possible to print tables. Then there were some minor adjustments necessary in order to support the GDPR, and of course, as always, this release includes some bug fixes.


PADEdit 1.7

The first PADEdit update after a long time! Besides the support of macOS 10.13 and Windows 10, some minor improvements were added. Rows can now be duplicated and the number of rows per record is displayed.

And then, of course, it contains some obligatory bug fixes.


Task Till Dawn 2.11

This time another bugfix release which is especially important for macOS users. In some cases, Task Till Dawn has been switched to App Nap mode by the system. This could cause tasks to be delayed or not executed at all.

An error in the task scheduler could also cause some tasks to be started several times within one second.

All other bug fixes and minor improvements can be found in the version history included with the application.

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Task Till Dawn 2.1

With this version, some cool new features come into play. Task Till Dawn can now be started in portable mode. Which means that all settings, tasks and logs are then stored in the same directory like the application itself. This makes it possible to start Task Till Dawn from USB sticks or other portable storage media.

Furthermore, notifications can now be deactivated per task. The tray menu on Windows and the menu item on the Mac can now be configured so that the tasks are displayed directly again without corresponding groups in the menu.

Of course, there are also some new actions, including the certainly very useful action for renaming files and folders.

All changes and bug fixes in detail can be found in the version history that accompanies the application.

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