Anki Cozmo order cancelled

Expectedly my order of the Anki Cozmo did not go through. They detected my german address and an Anki support guy wrote me an email stating that Cozmo was not yet available in Germany and that they were going to cancel the order. As he wrote other markets will be evaluated in 2017. I just wonder why they even put up a german advertisement website for Cozmo...

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Anki Cozmo

The company Anki, known for the Anki Overdrive series, brings something new to the market in October 2016. Namely Cozmo, a small moving robot. What it will be capable of is yet unknown. Currently there only exist some promotional videos and texts which are not very meaningful. But the little bot looks funny and can be controlled using an Android or iOS app. It has an integrated camera which can be used to recognize faces. Its own "face" consists of a display which shows various emotions. Instead of arms and hands the robot features some sort of gripper, with which it can knock over or lift stuff.

Preorders are already possible on, unfortunately only for US residents. When Cozmo will be available in Germany is yet unclear.

However, the order form can be easily adjusted using Firebug to also accept addresses in Germany, and it is even possible to finish the checkout. So, yesterday I received my order confirmation with a valid German address. Now I am curious what will happen when shipment begins in October...

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The ozobots are here

ozobots are small battery-powered robots that can drive around. They are about 3cm tall with a diameter of also 3cm. The housing is transparent, so one can see the logic board and wheels. In the middle of the board there are two small LEDs used for status displaying. Furthermore, each bot has an USB port which, however, can not transport data - it only serves to recharge the built-in battery.

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Vorwerk VR100 vs VR200

Half a year ago Vorwerk introduced the Kobold VR200 vacuum cleaning robot as a successor to the VR100. Since I was fully satisfied with the VR100 so far I have been struggling for a long time with myself - but finally the urge to buy a new toy won. The robot was also improved in some areas, from which we benefit clearly in our apartment. Time for a little comparison of the two household servants.

VR100 and VR200
VR100 (left) und VR200 (right)
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