First trip with the motorhome

After having spent our holidays in a quite classic way during the last years – arrival by airplane and staying in a hotel afterwards - this year we have something more unusual coming up. A one-week road trip with the motorhome, presumably through Germany. The word „unusual“ is probably not entirely appropriate, because apparently travelling with the motorhome has been coming back in fashion for a few years now.

We’ll start in May with a rented Eura Mobil. This thing is 7 meters long, has a small bathroom, kitchen, the usual sitting area ("half dinette") with a table and a double bed in the rear. Our destination is the Baltic Sea, but depending on your mood we may change our route spontaneously. Also, a week isn't much time if you want to take a few stopovers with you.

The plan is to have no plan. So we’ll just drive off, equipped with a pitch guide, navigation system and of course food supplies and other necessary stuff. But we have deliberately not made any campground reservations and only want to stay overnight on pitches or standing free. We’ll see if this works. The first challenge will be to find a parking place near our home in Stuttgart to load our stuff into the car. Stuttgart is not exactly known for its plenty of parking spaces.

So it will definitely be a thrill, and that's what makes it so appealing. I think with such a holiday you definitely have enough other things in your head to forget about work and everyday life.

When the time comes, I will report back.

Eura Mobil

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