Seville and Cádiz

For one week I enjoyed the good weather together with my girlfriend in Seville and Cádiz. Even though the heat in Seville with over 42°C during the day was hardly bearable anymore. The people of southern Spain seem to have a tendency to operate all air conditioning systems at maximum power. That means that you wait at over 40°C at the train station, get on the train in which it feels like 10°C, to be be struck by a heat wave a little later at another station when getting off. And then you enter a restaurant and almost freeze to death.

Otherwise the holiday was great and very relaxing.Seville is a very pretty city, with many sights and a good nightlife. I especially liked Calle Betis with its many bars and clubs. Furthermore, the little street is located directly at the Guadalquivir, where you can sit comfortably in the evening and enjoy the view.

Cádiz is rather a typical tourist place, which has not too much to offer except the sea at the front door. The beach is relatively stony, so you have to be careful not to bend your knees when swimming.

Recommended is the Torre Tavira, which contains a Camera Obscura. During a 15-minute demonstration you can see all other important sights of the city. These can then be visited comfortably by foot. A stay of two to three days is sufficient for this. If you are good on foot you can probably walk through the whole city several times in that time.


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