Task Till Dawn at com-magazin

Task Till Dawn made it into the com-magazin 7/2010, as one of the new releases for the top 10 open-source softwares of the month. The new tools can be rated online here

Unfortunately I'm a little bit late with this blog entry - the voting will only be possible until the 29th or June.


Online again

One would think that most hotels these days offer Wi-Fi Internet access to their residents. Or at least provide a free or low cost cable connection. 
Unfortunately, this was not the case for the hotels where I spent my nights during the last few weeks.

Luckily, I got my hands on a UMTS prepaid surfstick. It's not as fast as my DSL at home, but I'm finally online again! It even works in the train between Stuttgart and my current working location. The connection there is not super stable but suitable for mailing and browsing the web.

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New Job

From tomorrow on I will be working at a different company. Namely the dmc digital media center GmbH in Stuttgart Bad-Cannstatt. I already had the chance to get to know some of my to-be co-workers and the working environment at an introduction day. Anyhow, I'm pretty anxious about what the new job will bring and how my first week there will be.

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Downloads work again

Unfortunately there was a bug in the downloads section which prevented the download of Task Till Dawn. I have now fixed that bug and the download should function again.

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Stuttgart, 24 hours

Since shortly, a great time-lapse-video starring Stuttgart can be seen on stuttgart24h.de. In almost nine minutes, 20 locations in Stuttgart - which were filmed over 24 hours - are shown. Actually this is not a new idea, but I haven't seen any other movies like this with the capital city of Baden-Württemberg in it yet.

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Website now multilingual

Today I updated this page so that it now supports multiple languages. It's now possible to switch between German and English as display-language. Admittedly, most contents have not been translated yet - but I am working on it! I won't be able to always translate all blog articles in the future. But I will translate all of what might be important.


Snow Leopard loses data when moving files

In the past, Mac OS X Finder already had a bug which caused deletion of files when trying to move them over the network onto a network share. The bug later got fixed by Apple with one of the system updates. Now, it seems to be back - or at least a similar bug.

Yesterday evening I wanted to move two files (luckily just weblinks) onto one of my AFP shares in the home network. After the operation, one of both files had disappeared.

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