PADEdit 1.2

The new version brings more correction possibilities for some datasets. Also, a proxy-server can now be set in the network preferences.

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Feedback-bug in PADEdit 1.1

PADEdit 1.1 has a bug in the build-in feedback-formular, which makes sending feedback using the formular impossible. This will be resolved in the upcoming version 1.2.

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Lock-UnMatic 1.3

With release 1.3, Lock-UnMatic again received some enhancements regarding the user interface. I added a searchfield with which it is possible to directly filter for filenames inside the list of files. Also, it is now possible to see all files currently in use using the "Show"-menu. Furthermore, the admin-mode is now also available on Intel Macs without 64bit support.

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Task Till Dawn 1.5

Task Till Dawn 1.5 is more or less just a bugfix release. Especially the serious bug, which caused the tasklist to be lost sometimes on Windows, should be fixed now.

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Lock-UnMatic 1.2

Lock-UnMatic 1.2 brings a lot of enhancements and bugfixed. Amongst other things is the admin-mode, which allows to see and quit processes by other users.

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PADEdit 1.1

PADEdit is an application which lets you view and modify PAD-files (PrivatAbrechnung Digital) used for the voucherless data carrier exchange between medical scientists and the PVS (Privatärztliche VerrechnungsStellen). Exchange-files exported by other applications do sometimes not correspond to the format specifications by the PVS, making manual postprocessing necessary. With PADEdit this is no big deal.

PADEdit is freeware and provided under the LGPL. The latest binary versions for Mac and Windows can be downloaded in the downloads-section. The application is only available in german language.