PADEdit 1.9

PADEdit 1.9 can now open files with incorrect line ends. In addition, the lines of each data set are sorted according to the PAD specification when they are opened. As a little surprise this version also contains bugfixes!


Task Till Dawn 2.2

Even though only the version number behind the dot has changed, this update is huge! In addition to new actions for checking the Internet connection, writing files, creating folders, comparing texts and much more, there are also a whole series of new events available. For example, tasks can now be started when volumes are inserted or drives are connected. It also introduces some new conversion options for variables.

In addition, the user interface has been improved in some places. The program settings now allow to specify what should happen when a task is double-clicked.

Of course the new version also contains several bug fixes. All changes can be found as usual in the version history in the program archive.

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Automatically copy camera photos from storage devices

This task automatically copies camera photos from any storage device - for example a USB stick, a CD, a memory card or even a network drive - as soon as it is inserted or connected. All JPG files in a DCIM-folder in the main directory of the device are copied to a directory named after the current date and time. If no DCIM-folder exists the task will not perform any action.

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Hourly time announcement

This task makes your computer speak the time to you hourly during working hours. Never miss the end of the working day again and delight your colleagues with this tonal accompaniment of everyday life!

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Sunday, 13.05.2018 - Time to go home

We slept relatively poorly and the weather today is also not good. But it basically doesn't matter, because today we're going back home. Not a good day for me anyway. Claudi, on the other hand, is happy that it is finally over.

But first we have to tidy up the motorhome. It has to be returned in a clean condition and quite some dirt has accumulated during the journey. Especially in the shower cabin, because one always have to stand there with the shoes when using the toilet. At the supply and disposal station there is an automatic toilet cassette cleaning machine. That sounds cool! Just insert the full cassette, press a button and the thing comes out freshly rinsed and smelling like spring. But of course, the machine is defective. So we have to do it all in the conventional way. We also already pack our suitcase so that we can move out as quickly as possible when we arrive in Stuttgart.

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Saturday, 12.05.2018 - The last day of our trip

We get up relatively early today and ask at the campsite reception how the check-out actually works. We might want to leave around 1 pm, exactly during the lunch break of the site. And during that time, the barrier is closed. We are given a green card with which we can open it on departure. And we even get a refund on the late checkout fees because we leave so early. That's really nice! We reinvest part of the money to buy two baguettes which are still lying around at the reception - our breakfast for today.

We abandon the idea of going back to the Luxembourg city for shopping. The effort seems to be too high. Also, the city is quite nice but we were not really excited. So we quickly put away all of our luggage and set off on the journey to our last station near SaarbrĂĽcken. About 130km from here. Bye bye Luxembourg!

From the pitch you can already see the thermal spa
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Friday, 11.05.2018 - Visit to Luxembourg city

The sun shines through the roof window and it looks like it will be another warm day. The penultimate day of our so far very relaxed vacation! I don't want to imagine that we have to return the motorhome the day after tomorrow. If it wouldn't have been so expensive and almost all campers weren't fully booked, I'd like to cruise around for a few more weeks. Without Claudi presumably, because according to her she is already looking forward to returning home.

But first we go to Luxembourg…

Our first impression of Luxembourg
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Thursday, 10.05.2018 - A day in Trier

As we wake up it is very fresh in the motorhome and not much light falls through the ceiling windows. That doesn't look good! We push the blinds of the windows to the side and see that it is cloudy and grey outside. Looks like the perfect sofa and TV weather! On the other hand we want to visit the city and it isn't so disadvantageous if it isn't too hot. Besides, we don't have a sofa and we don't have a TV with us.

We have the obligatory morning coffee and skip breakfast again. This time we also take the bus, which leaves not far from the pitch, into the city centre to the main station. There we pick up some pretzels and sandwiches for the walk and continue towards Porta Nigra ("The Black Gate").

The Porta Nigra
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