Open Arena rcon via shell

If you have a dedicated server set up for Open Arena, you can control it either using the command console and rcon on the client side – or by typing in the commands directly into the server process (oa_ded).
But how is it possible to access the server from within a different script or application, or if the server process is not bound to a shell?

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OS X Yosemite

The newest major release of OS X has been out now for three months. Although it contains many new features and general improvements one needs a high frustration tolerance…

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Task Till Dawn 1.83

Task Till Dawn 1.83 supports the upcoming OS X 10.10 Yosemite, and also now includes the Oracle Java Runtime 1.8. So an additional installation is no longer required.

For Windows there will be no version 1.83 because this release mainly contains stuff regarding OS X.

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PADEdit 1.52

PADEdit 1.52 contains a bugfix for a critical bug, which sometimes prevented file dialogs (for example when opening or closing files) from showing up.

The new version also adds support for the upcoming OS X 10.10 Yosemite, and contains the Oracle Java Runtime 1.8 in the Mac version. So an additional installation is no longer required.

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Lock-UnMatic 1.5

Lock-UnMatic gets a refresh and is now signed to support Gatekeeper on OS X. Until now, when opening the application on a Mac with Gatekeeper enabled, a misleading message popped up saying that the file was corrupted.

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Facebook takes over Oculus VR

Yesterday, Facebook bought Oculus VR, the company behind the virtual reality device Oculus Rift, for 2 billion Euros. This makes me really sad. I just got my Oculus Rift Development Kit (DK1) at the beginning of this year, and I found it to be really amazing, even though it showed that there was still a lot of effort needed to get it ready for the consumer market.

I personally don't like Facebook and it feels like Oculus VR just turned to the dark side of the force. I understand that they can use the money they just gained to speed up development of the Rift and to be better prepared for other competitors like Sony, but I can think of a lot of other tech companies to which Oculus VR would have better fitted than Facebook. And who knows what plans Facebook has regarding the future of Oculus.

So now I'm curious what John Carmack will do. Is he going to stay at Facebook, or will he leave and go to a competitor? I hope that Valve will maybe bring out their own device, but who knows...

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